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We are Creed Urban

Creed Urban embodies the spirit of creativity and uniqueness...

Creed Urban was born out of passion for creativity and uniqueness. What started out as a fashion brand in 2017 metamorphosed into a lifestyle store and was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in 2019.

We are committed to providing our customers fantastic products at amazing prices. Yeah our prices are good and our product quality is even better.

At Creed Urban we take pleasure in providing our customers with a smooth shopping experience, offering unique products customized to your satisfy your needs or even your whims. We care about building lasting relationships.

We believe  so much in the enduring and creative spirit of Nigerian youths, hence, we sometimes feature other local brands other than ours in a bid to showcase the quality of our Naija products to the world and encourage local creatives and makers.

Let our products brag through our customers.